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Offering expert advice in art curation, art hanging, and general art guidance to  both home collectors and commercial clients, who may be considering an art purchase or are just wanting an update of their current art collection. Performing valuations and appraisals for individuals and commercial clients, from single items to extensive collections. Connected to key art markets around the world with over 15 years of art market experience.


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Jeannette Volykhina, of Art Salon NZ and her team offer a variety of consulting services to various types of clients interested in curatorial services, general art hanging, art collecting, and evaluation of quality works of art.  

Our services include:


  • Simple hanging and curatorial service - let us re-hang your current works 

  • Reframing of works to freshen and modernise older pieces where needed

  • Identifying and executing a collecting or single-purchase buying strategy

  • Sourcing works of art at auction, galleries & direct from artists or dealers

  • Researching and analysing market price & long-term value of each piece

  • Arranging appraisal & authentication of artwork by relevant experts and institutions, where appropriate

  • Recommending purchases of artwork appropriate to each collector

  • Conducting private, guided gallery or artist studio tours 

  • Coordinating purchases and completing transactions on behalf of clients

  • Staging homes for sale

For those who wish to buy/sell a single work of art or an entire collection, or those simply needing a hand with how to best showcase the works they already have - Art Salon's team aim is to approach each client on an individual case by case basis without once letting go of the feeling that comes with discovering something new that we love.


Many corporate buyers don't have the time, resources, or maybe the expertise to pursue a thorough search when they need quality art. Art Salon offers full personalised consulting services to private and corporate clients, while also working closely with your architects and interior designers, on both large and small-scale projects.

We work with you to achieve cohesive collections, as well as, finding individual pieces for particular locations.  We advise on art installations in office facilities, banks, law firms, hotels, airports, and public spaces.

In collaboration with corporate executives, architects, or interior designers, we can complete a diverse array of creative projects, to create visually satisfying environments.


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Call us to see how we can help.

Tel: 021 950 254

Devonport, Auckland 0624

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